Day 3: Kyoto


My last post was in 2010… 2 years later, I will finish blogging about the trip to Japan! I have to finish it before this summer, because I will be going to Japan once again with another bunch of friends.

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Day 2: Akihabara (Conclusion)

Capsule inn

Wow it’s December already. I found a little time to continue my blog of the Japan trip…

So, continued from where I had left off, from Day 2.

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Day 2: Akihabara!


So today’s the day of Akihabara! (It was 7th September. As I write this post, it is already 2 days later, as I was too tired to do so on the night or the night after.)

We woke up pretty early on the day, at about 6 AM. We had breakfast…

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Day 1: Flight to Japan and getting to the hostel

Narita Airport

Wow it’s finally dawned on me today that I’m actually going to Japan. The four of us (me, Imagak, Lestaki and Neve) met up at London Heathrow Airport on the morning of 5th September and got on the plane to Narita Airport in Tokyo.

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Off to Japan

I’ll be going to Japan with 3 friends on Sunday, for 2 weeks.

This is gonna be fun!

New blog!

Everyone seems to have one of these, so I’ll make one too